The Wright Card Company 


   is based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Seattle, WA  


Tim, the founder and creator of the Wright Card Company, loves vintage images & design! Tim is always a regular at small town flea markets, barn sales and creaky floor board antique shops, hunting down one-of-a-kind visions of the past. Over the years, he has curated what's best described as an arsenal, and there's no end in site... Of course it's a blast to go on these hunts he says, but at the same time, he truly feels passionate about what he refers to as "rescuing" these tossed aside treasures from our yesterdays. It's in this spirit, Tim creates his designs with today's customers in mind. Hopefully, people looking for something special to share with important people in their lives, will come across his creations. When that happens, there isn't a better way for these fun glimpses of our past, to live on.    

Tim has also had several gift books published featuring both his original designs and original humorous quips. The book titles are Raging Beauties, Girlfriends Forever: We've Got Each Others Back & Birthday Girls.